Our tedious relationship with insurance companies are not so different to that of the banks. It is about the documentation! So lets see, how did it all start? Well, to make it very simple, the idea behind the principle of insurance was, every one will be covered for a certain risk. The same risk and those who will suffer from the insurance event, will be paid from the pool of money. The difference between the premium everyone paid in and the insurance money that was…Continue Reading “WE ARE LIVING IN A FORCED DOCUMENTED WORLD – A SERIES OF ARTICLES – THE INSURANCE COMPANY”

Press Release London, United Kingdom, February 7, 2018. We at Yellow Brick, are delighted to announce that Smart Sparrow, our portfolio company in the adaptive learning space, has closed on an important strategic investment of $7.5m from ACT, a powerhouse in the global education space.  This investment is coupled with a strategic partnership which will be crucial for helping Smart Sparrow continue its path of innovation and growth. Together with the other investors, Yellow Brick has been working closely with the Smart Sparrow team over…Continue Reading “Yellow Brick’s portfolio company; Smart Sparrow have concluded a strategic investment of $7.5MM led by ACT Inc.”

Press Release London, United Kingdom, January 7, 2018 Yellow Brick Group have acquired a majority stake of SMART Fertilizer. (S.G.I Agricultural Technologies Ltd) London based Yellow Brick Group have announced today that a fund led by Yellow Brick Group have completed the acquisition of the majority stake of S.G.I Agricultural Technologies Ltd.  An Israeli based Ag-precision company, specialising in delivering a comprehensive and full range of fertilization plan for the agriculture space. The company also known as SMART! Fertilizer management is the only company that gives…Continue Reading “Our latest announcement of our portfolio company! #SMART Fertilizer”

Our relationship with the banks are very complex. We all need the banks one way or other, because there is no other way to keep our money safe supposedly, and to transfer it, or part of it from point A to point B. In the past it used to be the case that, going to the bank to deposit money was a simple operation, and at the end we got a piece of paper where the bank confirms to us that they have received our…Continue Reading “We are living in a forced documented world – a series of articles – THE BANKS”

It used to be, and not long ago, that a word or a hand shake was enough to conclude a deal and an agreement. It is not that there were no crooks, because, oh yes, there were always crooks. But demography changed and we are more people on the planet earth, pro rata, we also have more crooks. The more society is getting more organised, the more laws, regulations are being brought into our lives. As these are being implemented by lawyers, the only way…Continue Reading “We are living in a documented world – how it started”

Amazingly the markets keep on climbing as if there are no limits and everything is on the rise. Apparently, it is not so, just too much money out there, appetite for yield, short memory and some irresponsible institutional players are converting the markets to the biggest Casino on earth! That is why the so called responsible hedge funds, do not perform. There is no safe place for serious investors amongst the gamblers. The more complex ETF’s are being introduced the more, the responsible investor should…Continue Reading “Stock Exchange Roulette”

It seems that the campaign to frighten the British public keeps on. False news about huge amounts of money UK will have to pay the poor countries that will temporarily remain in the EU for the “divorce”. Paris and Amsterdam “won” the chance to host the financial centres that will leave London. Goldman Sachs will move their headquarters to Amsterdam and Paris. All of these are scare tactics to frighten the public in the UK, as if it will make any change… The public voted…Continue Reading “From London to the European Capitals”

The humbling tale of the bankers who felt ashamed of the system’s failure YESTERDAY by Gillian Tett During a trip to Tokyo last week, I made a little pilgrimage to the city’s Tama cemetery to pay my respects to an old acquaintance who died recently. Outside Japanese financial circles, the name Katsunobu Onogi is barely known. Among the Tokyo elite, however, “Onogi” evokes considerable emotion; he was the last president of Long- Term Credit Bank (LTCB), an institution which, until it collapsed ignominiously in 1998,…Continue Reading “A Japanese lesson for Wall Street”

What is the definition of a fraud? Up to Cambridge dictionary: “the crime of getting money by deceiving people” We are living in an amazing era, the Millennials are changing the world quietly and fiercely. What is money? It’s a social agreement. So, why do some people decide they have the right to use an old social agreement acceptable while the modern/new/updated suggested agreement as a fraud? It’s not Bitcoin or any Block chain currency that is a fraud, maybe, looking at the definition of…Continue Reading “Is Bitcoin a Fraud?”

Crowdfunding, the new coming of fundraising?   What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet. In 2015, it was estimated that worldwide over US$34 billion was raised this way. Validates a Concept Having an idea is one thing. Proving that the idea can make a profit is another thing. Whether you need to convince yourself or investors that there’s money…Continue Reading “Crowdfunding, the new coming of fundraising?”